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Here the fist critics of her lastest single novel (translated by Mistral from www.catherinedemontsalvy.ch website – Thank you so much) that can be read when you buy the book in a bookclub catalogue

Critics dans 02. Novels club_peste_1

For decades, the books of Juliette Benzoni, who deal about sagas, novels or documents, are crowned with success. Such popularity is readily explained, a few pages are enough for the author to plant a historic decor, strikingly truthful to move the reader, with the help of a truculent quill, a faraway past, suddenly so close to us.

She is sort of the heir of Alexander Dumas, which she proves once again with drawing the dazzling portrait of Laure Junot, Duchess of Abrantes, a renowned writer, whose writings leads us to major figures of the early nineteenth century (Napoleon Bonaparte, Count Metternich, Balzac …).

Juliette Benzoni also evokes the passions of Laura, the jealously she evoked, her intellectual acquaintances, her financial setbacks, not omitting any facet of the character. A captivating lecture, which pays tribute to one of the beautiful women in the history of France.



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