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Dans l’ombre de Mayerling

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1875. The death in her soul, the young Louise of Belgium, 17-year-old, gets ready to leave for Vienna, after her wedding without love with Philippe of  Saxe-Cobourg. But her young and passionate heart will not bend over the yoke of the imperial Court, when dwells the silence of Habsbourg about  the circumstances of the mysterious death, in Mayerling, of the archduke Rodolphe and his mistress, the baroness Vetsera. Between Louise and Geza Mattachich, a beautiful Croatian officer, passion is born, violent and sudden, and does not delay bursting in daylight. The princess has to give up her status, her children and her fortune. On the roads of the exile, the lovers meet in the heart of an immense empire all the strengths of which are aimed against them. On this scandalous passion looks down the shadow of Mayerling…


NB : this was a book of around 60 pages that Juliette has written for a Supermarket, it was offered to the customers who bought several books)



It only exists on a paperback edition and the ebook version of it


 The Cursed Lovers : Louise of Belgium, princess of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha and Geza Mattachich

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The husband, who will made her interned byt the Emperor – The emperor of Austria Franz-Joseph, husband of the famous Sissi – The King Léopold II of Belgium, who will disown his daughter – Rudof , son of the Emperor who died at Mayerling and his wife Stéphanie, sister and only support to Louise.  

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