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De deux roses l’une

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Intended to become a queen of England by marrying the weak and pious Henri VI, the beautiful Marguerite of Anjou is only fourteen years old in this spring, 1444.  Smart and ambitious, she does not delay assuming firmly the responsibility of power. But her tempestuous loves and her French origins will be worth to her very quickly the hostility of the people devoted to the cause of the duke of York, the deadly enemy of the young queen. So begin the civil war of the two Roses, a fratricide wrestling which will tear apart England for thirty years… Trying desperately to save the throne of her husband, Marguerite does not have more than a single hope: that his son, the young Edouard, reigns one day over England. From bloody battles to unhappy passions, Marguerite will not escape from her tragic fate, the one of a warrior heroine merciless for her enemies and too weakwith her lovers.




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