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Foreword of “Un aussi long chemin”

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Foreword made by Christian Bartillat, who were of her editors

j.pnguliette Benzoni is not only the friend of always and the partner of publishing. She is also for me an uncommon character, a singular, tonic and cordial personality, to whom you become attached especially because she may confuse you. She knows how as well as to escape  when you look for her, than to take you back to her in a lasso when you could go away.

w.pngith her silvery fair hair, her shining eyes, her beaming face, her generous silhouette, she reminds us these ladies whom painters of the XVIIè century painted as  Diana the huntress in the galleries of castles on the Val de Loire.

i.png could then believe that Juliette is a huntress of characters, a true rider of the feather. She bestrides her books, and her feather is a prickle. The ride begins with the first word, and stops in the arrival post where is written the word “hunger” (instead of “End” – can only be a good word in French because hunger = faim in french and end = fin in french and they sound a like!!!).

t.pnghen Juliette goes down from the horse, and although you are right there at the right moment, she knows how to cook in front of her kitchener – which is not any more the one of dreams or  witchcraft – some middle-ages receipts revised and corrected by Brillat-Savarin

b.pngut the ending, also means beginning: She has ridden her imaginary horse 50 times n in 30 years, to drive in castles, cottages, moors and forests, these gangs of passionate lovers, reckless witches, swashbuckler and sex sinning , so that the heroine, between the monks and devils, the cunning and the murderers, always has the upper hand. In stables of romantic race, fifty horses prance with impatience for new adventures, new images. 

b.pngecause Juliette is not only the magician of words, she is also and especially the alchemist of images what is worth to her a quite particular attention from epic film-makers.

w.pnghile so many others get up and down according to fashions and soundings, she stays in the lap of success and possesses without looking for it, so many readers who do not stop bagging her by saying: ” one more, and quick, please “.

t.pnghe passion is her share, and History her scene of permanent reference. The truth of time goes always alongside the truth of heart… And her novels join easily the comments of her metaphysics teacher who, in girls’ boarding school where Juliette stayed, ended his class by reading to his amazed pupils, Agatha Christie’s novels! The Good Father maybe did not know that one of his pupils would know some day to mix good feelings to breathless fears of detective novels

s.pngo her imaginary novels are for every women, and her historical novels are from all times.

b.pngorn in the world of model girls, Juliette knows how to carry us into the world of passionate women. Raised in the world of loving girls, she lived in the world of dictorial and merciless men. So she takes out of her own life, a new novel, always start again.

w.pngith “Un aussi long chemin”, I have followed Juliette through and through. It is one of her most beautiful novel that we start to read and continue to do so asking to the author to never stop.

t.pnghe beautiful Marjolaine who makes die from love everyone who meets her, arouses passion to one of these high barons of the Middle Ages, so ready to run after women than to leave them, and this passion, its  ebb and flow, follows the road of Compostella, where, behind the protagonists, is outlined this medieval epoch, at the same time noble and popular, divine and misbeliever.christiandebartillat.jpg

a.png true epoch novel, which does not stop being present, a true living picture which moves in front of our dazzled look.

Christian Bartillat

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