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t.pnghat is the name of the civil wars between 1455 and 1489 which faced 2 clans :

roserougedeslancastre.gifThe l.pngancasters of the red rose

 and the y.pngorks of the white rose. roseblanchedesyork.gif

i.pngts origin : The controversial succession of King Edward III between his 4 sons: the prince of Wales, the older, the duke of Clarence followed by the duke of Lancaster and finally the duke of York, the younger.

t.pnghe story of “De deux Roses l’une”:

The couple made with :

Margaret of Anjou*************Henry VI

margueritedanjou.gif henrivi.gif

t.pnghe predecessors of Henri VI have taken advantage of successes of the wars against France but Charles VII is now taking back little by little the English possessions and Henry VI, from the Lancasters, has to fight the unsatisfied ones of the clan of York which claim to be from a more direct descendant for the throne of England. By his weakness, his wife Margaret of Anjou becomes the one who has to fight the Yorks.

s.pnghe lost many battles: she has to exile her favourite Sufflok who is later murdered. While finally she gives birth to the Prince of Wales, her good king falls into madness. During his crises of insanity, the Duke of York becomes the Lord Protector. And the civil war begins, in the battle of Saint-Albans, her new favourite the Earl of Somerset is killed. During the battle of Northampton, she runs away to Harlech in Wales. She kills the Duke of York during the battle of Wakefiels  with the help of the Scottish people. Still come then the second battle of Saint-Albans and finally the one of Towton where she is made prisoner and exiled to Dunbar. The son of the Duke of York becomes then the new King: Edward IV. The red rose gave up the place to the white rose!.

17 years later, she goes back in France but already prepares her revenge. With Pierre de Brézé, she fails in the battle of Exham. And her eternal enemy the earl of Warwick, disappointed by Edward IV,  will try in vain to restore Henry VI on the throne. But he fails and dies. The son of Margaret is murdered under her eyes, she is again a prisoner in the Tower of London where Henry VI is discreetly murdered . After 4 years, Louis XI pays her ransom and she comes back to France to live her last years, alone….

The book dans 02. Novels 33198803

h.pngere comes the genealogie the descent of Edward III from the 2 seperated roses to the reunion of the 2 families by the wedding of Henry VII, descendant of the Lancasters with Elizabeth, descendant of the Yorks. (click right “View Image” to see the map in large)

geneal12 dans 02. Novels

This is the beginning of the Tudors with the 2 roses gathered in one as the symbol of the new dynasty !rosedestudor.gif

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