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The journey of Marjolaine

Filed under: 02. Novels — 5 April, 2009 @ 19:35

a.pngll the story goes around the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostella.

t.pnghe Apostle Jacques the major, the 1st martyred apostle of the Christendom :

300pxsaintjacqueslemajeur.jpg  l.pngeft in the 1st century from the Middle East to preach the word of the Christ in the west up to the Iberic peninsula, he was beheaded in his return to Palestine by King Hérode Agrippa, his companions took his mortal remains, crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and ran aground in Galicia.

   h.pngis grave was discovered around the year 800, recognized as the one of Saint Jacques in 835. The pope Calixte II made of Santiago de Compostela, a holy city in 1121 and build the cathedral to collect the relics there.  Santiago de Compostela is the third big Christian pilgrimage after Rome and Jerusalem

t.pnghe roads of the pilgrimage :

baton.jpgt.pnghe Pilgrims, the “jacquers “, be wearing a wide hat and provided with the stick ” the bourdon” and with a gourd so walked towards ” Santiago of Compostela ” by various roads and caminos… They brought back to their return as testimony of their journey, shells of pectens, so the name of “coquille St Jacques” given afterward to these mollusks

i.pngn France : 4 different roads existed

The journey of Marjolaine dans 02. Novels carte10
* The via Turonensis (or road of Tours), from Paris to Ostabat, gather all the North and northeast pilgrims of Europe

* The via Lemovicensis (or road of Limousin or Vézelay), from Vezelay  to Ostabat, gather the ones of Belgium, Ardennes, Lorraine and Champagne.

* The via Podiensis (or road of Puy) , from Puy en Velay to Ostabat, gather the pilgrims of Burgundy. It is the first road created around the year 950 out of Spain.

* The via Tolosane (or road of Toulouse), from Arles, it gathers the Italians, the ones from Provence and Alpes to cross Pyrenees by the pass of Somport. It becomes on the Spanish side, the Camino Aragonès until the stage of Puente Reina

* In Ostabat, the 3 roads of Tours, Vézelay and Puy en Velay got together to become the Camino Navarro et cross through Roncevaux the barrier of the Pyrénées until la Puente la Reina

* In Puente la Reina, all the road meet and continue on the Camina Francès until Compostela via Burgos and Leon.

i.pngn the book, Marjolaine leaves from Paris, where she lives near the Saint-Denis abbey de Suger. She takes the road Via Turonensis until Tours where she meets Hugues of Fresnois in the basilic of Saint-Martin. He will become later on the guide of the pilgrims left on the Easter Day of the year 1143 to Compostela. 

h.pngere comes her journey: (click right “View Image” to see the map in large)

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