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Genesis of “l’Etoile Bleue”

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h.pngow “L’Etoile Bleue” was born”

a.pngs I said it in the same place some time ago, the creation of a book often takes me several years before I start to write it. Certainly because between the moment of the emotion where I find the idea in the first place and the writing, there is the research of material, always very long, and sometimes, I must admit, there are also some other ideas which seem to be more important.

i.png explained then the starting point of a novel could be a landscape, a date in History, a legend, a portrait, a picture, a castle. I could add, currently, mysteries of History and fascination for gems.

mabwilson.jpgi.pngcan not say that I am a woman particularly attractive to jewellery. As number of my sisters I have some which represent most of all memories , but I am attracted by stones themselves out from any packing, so precious it can be and I would choose more readily the collector’s status than hte one of being an ambulant window, joining so Mab Wilson who, in a book which makes authority in the subject, parts the lovers of sparkling pebbles into two classes: those who like stones and those who love the jewellery-making. I am from the first ones perhaps because I am sensitive to their mysterious attraction come from depths of earth and, as a good Scorpio, in their esoteric side.

i.png felt this attraction for the first time, I guess, when I was fourteen or fifteen years old. My father had taken me to visit one of his friends, jeweller of some fame. There I could see, and even touch,  gems not set in a bezel. Especially a diamond tear of several karats and an big emerald that I have had the privilege to roll respectfully in my fingers under the light of a powerful lamp. It was magical. The diamond sparkled like a small bluish sun. The emerald irradiated a soft green luminescence properly charming . Splendid! So nice that I less appreciated setting of gems in necklaces or bracelets – which were there. Without knowing it, I had just entered the large club of  gem lovers, those who think to see in a gem almost a sense or a power of a talisman. Those who, in fact, are not so much interested in the value to prefer emotion and pure beauty. Those finally who do not really want to make the difference between precious stones and those which are called half-precious and who can satisfy their taste without even being able to buy the rarest so the most expensive ones. These people will take as much pleasure to watch a famous jewel in a glass-case as the rich owner of a wonder one but locks it up in a safety vault to be the only one to look at it from time to time.

lergentdulouvre.jpgf.pngor my part, I began, in Auvergne, a small collection of stones where you will not find any rubies, sapphires,  emeralds, neither famcouronnelouisxvlouvre.jpgous diamonds, but finding almost the emotion felt at the jeweller in front of an amethyst, a pink quartz, a topaz, a turquoise or a piece of lapis-lazuli. That did not prevent me, when I was on the “School of the Louvre”, from going to see the pink fires of the “Regent” in the Apollon’s gallery. I admired it much more than the crown of Louis XV or the sword of Charles X which by the way was since stolen.

h.pngowever, I would lie if I said that jewels have never interested me, but they had to be famous. So wanted my lesperlesdelacouronne.jpgpassion for History which always lived in me. The most evil ones are naturally the most interesting: the famous Necklace of the Queen, the big  necklaces of pearls of Catherine de Medicis which Sacha Guitry reduced to some to make a very nice movie :  Les Perles de la Couronne, the eighteen Mazarin”,  Moghols Jewels , fabulous treasure of the dukes of Burgundy collected by the Swiss of the Canton after the battle of Grandson, the surprising ” Crown of the Andes ” and many others without forgetting the pectoral of the high priest, base of the series my dear readers of the Club discover todaythe first book.

a.pngn idea for Television

t.pnghere were about fifteen years, a great actor of my friends, filled with talent and very famous but  I would keep silent about his name, suggested me the envy to write for the television a story – rather in several episodes – which he could be the hero. He had only two wishes: the modern epoch and, if possible, Venice.

i.png confess it: the XXè century did not tempt me a lot, my preferences are rather turned towards the Middle Ages in France or somewhere else. But this big attraction of my future hero for the modernism was explained easily: although sportsman he was not tempted by these old ages where they knew only the horse to travel, he had a real preference for automobile, plane and the comfort that goes with it.

h.pngaving then no idea, so no argument to give, I lined up in his suggestion, the more gladly that with Venice he offered a beautiful offset to my imagination . So, thinking that my mind will run better in the neighborhood of the square of  Saint Marc, I went to look for inspiration in the incomparabletitien.jpg set of the most serene city. And I found it in the Accademia dell’ Arte, in front of a painting by Titien, named the ” Presentation of the Virgo in the Temple of Jerusalem “. We see officiating there the high priest adorned, on a golden tunic, with the fabulous, the legendary pectoral that God himself, in the Exodus Book, explains to Moses what it will have to be :
“And thou shalt make the breastplate of judgment with cunning work; after the work of the ephod thou shalt make it; of gold, of blue, and pectoral.jpgof purple, and of scarlet, and of fine twined linen, shalt thou make it. Foursquare it shall be being doubled; a span shall be the length thereof, and a span shall be the breadth thereof. And thou shalt set in it settings of stones, even four rows of stones: the first row shall be a sardius, a topaz, and a carbuncle: this shall be the first row. And the second row shall be an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond. And the third row a ligure, an agate, and an amethyst. And the fourth row a beryl, and an onyx, and a jasper: they shall be set in gold in their inclosings. And the stones shall be with the names of the children of Israel, twelve, according to their names, like the engravings of a signet; every one with his name shall they be according to the Twelve Tribes.”
(nota : I found this part already translated on the net … my level of my english abilities are not that high !!emoticone)

f.pngrom what I could read in diverse books, it would seem that the pectoral of Moses had to suffer from the time of the men and that Salomon, by building the Temple, refreshed it and furnished it with some more gems brought by the caravans of the queen of Saba. It should be said straight away, we do not know what became to this fantastic jewel-  more than probably stolen by the Roman legions during the bag of Jerusalem. The stones were scattered away, but some authors think that some of them decorated royal crowns.

twelvetribes2.jpgt.pngo my opinion, I think that it still exists somewhere well hidden, maybe buried why not in Israel because it was actually the symbol of Twelve Tribes? However, I have got my idea and it would be the quest of four stones which I chose among the most beautiful: the sapphire, the diamond, the opal and the carbuncle that I decided moreover to replace by a ruby to have a jewel of bigger value.

f.pngrom the legend according to which Israel would find ground and sovereignty when the pectoral and its twelve stones would be back, I so dug my subject that I do notvery well  know any more if I have read it somewhere or if it has appeared in my imagination. Indeed, although Christian – I always felt curiosity and respect for the big Jewish traditions, their esotericism and, naturally, Kabale.

claudebarma.jpgb.pngack in Paris, I wrote almost without breathing a thirty pages synopsis I proposed to Claude Barma. Regrettably, this great man of television had to die a bit further and the project has fallen through. With the idea to make a book, I saved it up  but, curious matter and for the first time in my life, I did not get through. Thinking about that, I came there to believe that I was not ready, that story was not mature. Too much focus on television. And I moved on to something else but still, for the pleasure, to work more or less above  spare time what is not so often.

a.pngnd then, on a beautiful day, I noticed that I had a very complete documentation as well on the countries where I wished to set the novel than on the historic progress of the four stones which I wished to star but, naturally, there were blankes, holes which it was necessary to fill in the most logical and credible way and the best truthful to events of the abundant European History.

i.png was finishing then the “Treize Vents” series without knowing too much if I would give them a continuation or not. Waiting that,  I proposed Le Boiteux de Varsovie” to my editor.

a.pngs was the saga of the Tremaines, it will be a tetralogy. Four books, the titles of which were already chosen, respectively “l’Etoile Bleue that I have the pleasure to present today, La Rose d’York, l’Opale de Sissi  and le Rubis de l’Inquisiteur. It is indeed a novel completely European . “l’Etoile Bleue “  begins in Venice, continues in Warsaw then in Paris. The second book, La Rose, which could be also named  “le Diamant du Téméraire” (Diamonds of Charles the Bold), is taking place in Scotland, London, Kent and finally in Venise. l’Opale, naturally, will be framed in Austria, Bavaria and Venice. Finally, le Rubis will go from Spain to Prague via Switzerland, naturally Venice with a return in Poland. It is even possible that my hero even takes a trip  in the United States

m.pngy hero, you discover him now : Aldo Morosini, Venetian prince ruined by the First World war who became antique dealer to keep his family palace. Expert in historic jewels and in stones, he is quite appointed to rush into the dangerous adventure which Simon Araonov, the lame of Warsaw, proposes to him… Women, naturally, there are many. Attractive for the most of her but also dangerous, pathetic, enigmatic or clear as rock crystal between whom the  prince-antique dealer will have to choose some day. I add that to each of the four stones corresponds  an outstanding creature.

i.png do not want to say more to you about it, friends- readers,  to not waste a pleasure that I wanted all the strengths. You are going to live what is at the same time a historical novel, a treasure hunt, a “police novel” and a love-story I hope that it will know how to seduce you but also hold you.


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