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Interview 2

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Patrick Poivre d’Arvor received in his show on the Channel tf1.jpg, the 18th of june 2007 : Yann Quéffelec,  Marc Levy, Jean-Marc Parisis, Alix de Saint-André, Maxime Chattam, Catherine Rambert et Juliette Benzoni -
Title of the broadcast :”Best-sellers Phenomena”


Link given by Stéphanie on her Forum about Juliette Benzoni
- And a special thanks to Mistral emoticone)


Here comes the interview … 

juliettebenzoni71.jpgPPDA : Juliette Benzoni, you are not what we call  a « people »

JB : I feel most like being a ghost from the XVIIIth century!

PPDA : So, as you talk about the XVIIIth century … but before talking about your books, how many did you write?

JB : 70, I guess

PPDA : Have you been often invited on TV ?

JB : … not so much !

PPDA : Have you got many articles on newspaper ?

JB : Yes, …oh ! Let me tell one thing : Jean-Pierre Elkabach  gave me once an entire show, he called “The one who was never invited on the show of Pivot” : That’s me!

juliettebenzoni61.jpgPPDA  : And why? Is it because of your success …

JB : First of all Pivot didn’t like so much novels and I was the friend of his wife. One day, she asked him “why do you never talk about Juliette? He answered : “She doesn’t need me to sell her books ! “

PPDA :  It is true this is what can happen when an author start selling good – yours books were running over hundred of thousands copies – so the press let you run by yourself !

JB :  It was always so … but I have had the extraordinary chance to never look for an editor, they always asked me to write something…m

PPDA :  This time, the editor is Perrin. Is it an order from Perrin?

JB :  No, not at all. I even say : I work on the blow of heart – aHere, we were talking about love and all its forms. In my book, it is about a legendary love, known by everyone : the love of Maurice de Saxe for Adrienne Lecouvreur. He is a character really outstanding, this one! It is at the same time a successful immigration, to speak current language and he is …we would like to be able to hate him… he is  a warrior – first of all he is a warrior, genius of war, he saved France, he made many things… anything you want… but he is a warrior like there were not so many in  that epoch…

juliettebenzoni1.jpgPPDA :  It was under the reign of Louis XV !

JB   : Exactly. The Marechal of Saxe -  who was not marechal yet  -  was always concerned about his soldiers, he was the only one, I believe! He wrote a book walled “Rêveries” in which he wrote about war tactics for the good of the soldiers. He used to say that it is better to lost a battle rather than to lose men for nothing. He was  also a man who always searched love. Let me tell you his history : He is the natural son of  the Elector of Saxony and Aurore of Koeningsmark. The history of Koeninsmark family always enthralled me.

PPDA : That is why he is called the son of Aurore…Aurore is …

JB : my first book is called “Aurore” and it is the history of his mother, her brother disappeared some day in Hanover without knowing what he had become, she searched him – she finally got to know the truth – and then she became the mistress of Frederick-Augustus and she had  this child… But he has never really lived with his mother . He was hidden because his mother and he were purchased by the revenge of the minister of the epoch, the minister of Frederick Augustus. He lived in different cities with tutors and servants. And all his life he missed his mother- she loved him but she could not prove him – she has become a canoness – and he has finally found in France what he was looking for, he was quick-tempered… He wanted to be a King, he was the son of a King, he really wanted to reign … but he has reigned on lots of things, it is extraordinary.. . Women, he had as many as he wanted , only one resisted him – he did not behave there in a gentle way but, finally, he had her !

PPDA( to Catherine Rambert ) : It does not change a lot from a century to another one!

JB : And there are 3 centuries in that case! So he was the son of Frédérick-Augustus. But Frédérick-Augustus has the reputation to have had 365 bastards. He admitted 7 and it is already a good thing! And to make him admit his fatherhood, his mother has really to go through lots of trouble and this is the whole story of this woman and her son finally moved to France…

juliettebenzoni41.jpgPPDA : Then, you will not say more about it …

JB : Why not ?

PPDA : …… because first of all our time is counted and then because, I believe, you gave us the desire to read …

Yann Quéffelec : .. give me just a moment .. only to mention that Juliette Benzoni is an extraordinary author with whom the press was really very unfair!

JB : It is true but I does not care at all .. truly !

PPDA : That is why I wanted to invite her !

Yann Quéffelec : She has the ability to tell stories, like the english authors, hold standing and palpitating stories and it has been never said enough…

JB : Listen, I was first called the French Barbara Cartland and It was difficult to clear out  this comparaison, but it has calmed down a little bit after all ! The Press and I, it is a love story which has never happened, that’s all!

PPDA : No, come on, you are here! Juliette Benzoni and her book « The son of Aurore » Perrin’s edition.

JB : But I am not a good speaker, I prefer that people read me rather than they listen to me !

PPDA : So, Read her books !


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