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s.pngeen on www.Livres.lexpress.fr :

The dean of Historic Novel  by Marianne Payot (June 2008)

«You will have a little bit of  champagne? I hate people who refuse to drink.» Some bubbles therefore, before the red sancerre, together with the queen of the historical fresco. With its wrong air of Bernadette Chirac, Mrs Benzoni, 87 years old, who has more than forty-five years of the writing, likes life, readily playing cards on Sundays in her home of Saint. His favourite cards? Tarot, of course, a very nice game, with kings, queens and horsemen. Because here is for a long time that this big admirer of Alexander Dumas is not any more interested in the 5th Republic. It is with crossed centuries and her phenomenal memory that she pleased her many readers (she sold the trifle of 100 million copies in the world). 74, 75, 76 Nobody knows, exactly, how many books made the delightful lady of Saint-Mandé, juggling, since 1962, in the course of her sagas (Catherine, Marianne, The Florentine, Aldo Morosini, The Blood of Koenigsmark) with state secrets and secrets of alcove, royal wars, big-hearted knights and mysterious Templars. From June 8th, she attacks a new series, to Perrin publishing, dedicated to Louis XIV and to the affair of poisons. And afterwards? «I have to explore Napoleon III, the xviiie, the Middle Ages». In short, Juliette Benzoni did not end up asking the Holy Ghost («Every morning, for the inspiration») and to make a small action of favour («for every publication»).

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