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s.pngeen on www.lire.fr:

t.pnghe beautiful stories of de Juliette  par Catherine Argand (été 1997):

i.pngn 1935, when the parents of Juliette, who was fifteen years old, arrived at Saint-Mandé, the farmers still milked their cows. Today, every day at 5:30 pm, this Saint-Mandeian walks “Bear”, her dog, in this peaceful and green little town near Paris. Juliette Benzoni, name of her second husband, an officer who – because of Indochina  – abandoned her just before the honeymoon which was in Capri  – so she went there with a mother – is a star of publishing. Her fifty first historical novel, “La chambre de la Reine” ( Plon), is already in the list of best-sellers. Four of her series, included “le Gerfaut”, was adapted for television and the number of readers around the world (she is translated into 22 tongues) is close to 50 millions. A fate sealed from her childhood: at the age of 9, she discovered in her book of history, Jeanne of Arc tied up on the stake. What a shock! From this day her passion for the history, in particular for the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, will not leave her any more. Instead of becoming a journalist or an ambulance driver during the war (her dad did not want to), she began writing stories for “Confidences” magazin, passed on the television in Pierre Sabbagh’s game, ” The First prize “, and, to the request of the publisher Gérald Gauthier who looked for a serial which  could worthy succeed to “Angélique” by this method :“everything goes through the heroine”, she finally wrote Catherine’s adventures. Since, at the rate of two books a year, Juliette continues ” to take people away from their concerns by trying to teach them something “When she does not write, she learns verses of Racine, receives her numerous friends, cooking, enjoys Art and Music or greets the “ladies of the wood” (name of the prostitutes  “located” in the wood of Vincennes) for whom she has a weak since 1942, the birth of her son whom she could not breast-feed, the prostitutes, looked after by her first husband doctor, furnished her for two years fresh oranges. Juliette is so : hard-worker, gourmand and soft with the others, the characters of her novels where the art of suspense plays with a very serious documentation.

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