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s.pngeen on www.lexpress.fr :

t.pnghe secret of Juliette By Anne Pons  (june 1997) :

t.pngreasons, murders, crossed passions  : Juliette Benzoni knows the recipe of the best-seller. She still proves it this time with “Secret d’Etat”. In spite of the crisis, the dream to big editions goes well, thank you. But, while the Americans mix futuristic techno-thrillers in the kitchens of the year 2000, here it is always in the old jars that we make good soups of the best-seller. On one side, the Turbulences of the transpacific flights, the genetic manipulations, the viruses ready for fun. On the other hand, linen songs, reddening maids of honour and bastards of the history of France. Romantic cycles – ever less than three volumes, often more – a prolific side which could make Dumas go pale.

h.pngeiress of the popular literature of the XIXth, Juliette Benzoni began her career in Pierre Sabbagh’s broadcast which was entitled “The First prize”. Premonitory. The phenomenal success of ” Le Boîteux de Varsovie” or “les Treize Vents” did not deny this promise of dawn. It is thus straight in the musketeer’s boots that Juliette Benzoni gets down to the volume I “La chambre de la Reine” : 

b.pngarefoot, her shirt soiled by blood, a girl roams in the forest of Anet. Adopted by the mother of François (of Bourbon-Vendôme, one of the grandsons of Henri IV and Gabrielle d’ Estrées), she will see her fate bringing her to live nearby Anne of Austria, Louis XIII, Richelieu and the sadist murderer of her family … No more than in the best-sellers of Forsyth or Crichton the author does not trouble herself with the psychology.We move through state secrets, treasons, murders of prostitutes, crossed loveaffair, the whole in the sound of the attractive voice of Sylvie, which charms the ears of the cardinal.

w.pnghat likes the deep penetration of this type of books in our society? To the fact that they are books “for every kind of public” ? When we know that some Juliette Benzoni’s novels are translated into 17 tongues and that, from 30 000 of copies sold in bookshop, it rises to  300 000 with the support of “booksellers clubs”, we wonder, once again, about the bygones passion which ground the air of time.

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t.pngheir France is a novel by Anne Pons (décembre 1993) :

h.pngeirs of the popular literature of the XIXth, these writers unknown by TVs, but promoted by the clubs of reading, tell stories, simple and sincere. They speak about miners’ houses, about fields, about passions. Of the dream to big editions. 

y.pnges, the French people read, displeases extinguishers there. Sometimes even, they stamp with the publishers : “when the next book of X or of Y is going to be published? “ In a investigation made by “Sofres” for “La fureur de lire 1993″, 70 % of the pooled individuals mark their preference for the novel. The essays, the poetry and the theater – 12 % of the votes – look like stragglers.

w.pngho are thus the lucky ones that the crisis does not disturb? The most read authors? Sollers, Orsenna, Lambron? Others else, who have lunch on “Rive gauche” and furnish the columns the best sales? Hold on! Charles Briand, Marie-Paul Armand or Ludovic Massé often beat our Parisian stars. Ignored by the national press, away from the literary schools, fail in the big prices, the soldiers of this army of  shadow continue to draw their groove self-assuredly. No demands of interview or phone calls. A little bit sad, doubtless, when they wait in vain for a message of «Bouillon de culture» or «Jamais sans mon livre» (2 tv famous shows). With her 2 million copies sold in France-Loisirs (for 22 titles), Juliette Benzoni appeared only once in the television. (———-)

i.pngn her quiet house of Saint-Mandé, where live three  generations of women , the historian Juliette Benzoni shines with simplicity. The beginning of her career? A broadcast of Sabbagh, which was entitled ” The First prize “. For the last but one question, she fails. But Paul Winckler, who had listened to her, gives her a chance, with the help of Gérald Gauthier, from “Opera Mundi” : ” you have a story? “ ” Yes, my children are Burgundian and I know quite a lot of things about the order of the Golden fleece. “ After three tries, Juliette Benzoni has to deliver 800 pages in two months: the first two volumes of the series ” Catherine ” ( 1963 ) – republished this month by Lattès – were published as a serial in  “France-Soir” newspaper. The 6 volumes will be translated into 17 tongues. 30 000 copies of a book in bookshop, hers books, among 45 today, rise to 300 000 copies sold when they are selected by the club. It is the case of the “Gerfaut”, which are four (volumes), like the three musketeers.

t.pnghe last published book, ” Treize Vents”, a delight, translate the enthusiastic love of the author for the Quebec of the xviiie century besieged by the English people. The exile of the young Guillaume Tremaine allows Juliette Benzoni to build her story around  “La Hougue” and “Saint-Vaast, ” locations less exploited by the writers than the Cotentin “.

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