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A meeting with Juliette Benzoni

!! NEWS !! October 2011 : Link to the report of our afternoon at Saint-Mandé for the 91th birthday of Juliette Benzoni !! See at the end of the page!


For some of you who are faithful to Juliette Benzoni and to my sites in French or in English, you have maybe already heard about the Swiss/French Connection – also knows as the Mistral/JouJou Connection ! So you know that Mistral, the webmistress of The Catherine de Montsalvy Fansite, and me, your Host, are working hand in hand for our great passion for Juliette Benzoni.

So it was about time to meet … but this was not only about our own meeting!



A meeting with Juliette Benzoni anniversaire


Mistral and I are both proud to announce you that we were able

to meet Juliette Benzoni in Paris the 31th of October! 

Just the day after her Birthday!



“Mistral Juliette and JouJou, talking about …. Catherine of course” emoticone


(To read our report click on the picture above)



 10/03/05 : Would you believe me if I told you that a few weeks ago, I received a phone call from our dear Juliette asking US to come again to visit her at Saint-Mandé – we had a lot to share again…
so let me propose to you, the new report of our outstanding new meeting with our Queen Juliette with many exclusive documents – like last time,
Mistral of the Catherine de Montsalvy fansite, wrote the report  emoticone !!!


“The girls”, as she names us now, near Juliette”
(Click on the image to read the report!)


July the 25th, 2010 :


Our dear Queen wanted to see us during summer time, how could we refuse??? So here today, the beautiful report of Mistral about this wonderful week-end we spent together. I hope you will love our little trip and all the presents that we have brought back with us from the Queen of Historical novelist – Follow the link :  :



 And why not another new sunday at Saint-Mandé? It was the 26th of September 2010 :



30th of October, our surprise visit to Juliette Benzoni for her birthday



A weekend full of emotions and events from Spring of 2011 !!!!



September 2011, a night in theater with Corinne Touzet AND Marion Sarraut !!!!



Our 2011 birthday present to Juliette Benzoni



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