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About me


i.png think that it is time, for anyone who is interested in, to introduce myself in “a few” words :


i.png am 47 (47 candles, since the 6th of february, About me 3d-offre-fleurs, thanks to all of you who wished me happy birthday!)

i.png have 3 children and after the birth of my third child, I found the time to create my blog! For a living I am a quantity surveyor and a technical drawer in a manufactory of aluminium joinery (what a whole programme!). I try to update this blog when I can but we can always find some for a passion!



i.png like reading (you suspect it!) and obviously my favorite author is Juliette Benzoni. I like also René Barjavel (much of all his book “la nuit des temps”- read it).

i.png like also movies and TV series, my last blows of heart = “Merlin” which just ended, “Game of Thrones” and “Once upon a time” which I deeply recommend..

i.png finally like to make DVD with interactive menus of slide-shows in music of family pictures and personal videos – like real DVD sold in stores !!! I became the one in my family who does all the weddings in DVD … it is such personal presents!


h.pngow did I discovered Juliette? I have first discovered a French TV serie called “the Gerfaut”, in 1987 (my 17 is  far away now!!!). So I wanted to read the books they made the adaptation of, knowing that the books were better than the tv serie. And then I became an “addict” to her novels. I have bought every new book and tried to find the older ones in oldbookstores. Thanks to the web, it is easier to find them… My “collection” is almost complete and I reread them all with so much pleasure. But  I less like the short stories she wrote, not because I think they are less good – indeed not! – but I feel frustrated at every end of a short story because I think to myself that it is actually too “short”, that she would have made a great novel of it – in fact, I wanted more!

b.pngut ok, what a career, what a great quantity of books she gave us (there, quantity not rhyming in her case with lack of quality!) and I hope to pay her tribute as long as I can and to entertain her official site. She will continue to live through her books we will read again and again…


h.pngow did I find the idea of this blog? In Fact I like the idea of “collection” and to know what I have in collection, then it has already been a while since I have my list of book of Juliette on paper with description of short stories, dates of publishing. I tried to get to know the titles of first publihing because some of books have different names in the newest publishing) and I had included the covers of the books I owed in illustration. And after the creation of my first blog about the 4 tv series adapted from her books, I wanted to share all that I had found on the novels of our very dear Juliette Benzoni. I have then, by searching the French covers, found so many jackets of foreign editions as I added them later on! Since then, I have made many translations of press articles for my webfriends, I started to do so for my own works ….But today, there are so many things translated that I decide to regroup them all in a new blog entirely in English – I have noticed through my geocounter of my other 2 blogs that I have many visitors from all around the world – this blog is for them … Enjoy ! emoticone……Here is the all story of my blogs.

rencontre2 And what a journey since! With my GREAT friend Mistral, from the  Catherine de Montsalvy fansite – my soulmate from the Web and even more…we were able to meet our favorite author, our idol : j.pnguliette b.pngenzoni – who made us the honor to be our friend, our Queen and who has put a height in her kindnesses towards us – by OFFICIALIZING our Sites!! 

m.pngistral andf.pngrédérique, the “g.pngirls” ofj.pnguliette! …. emoticone


i.png  hope that this blog will be appreciated by the “fans” and will give desire to others … to discover and to read Juliette Benzoni, because with things as they are a little of escape while learning history, is not superfluous



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  1. Ramune says:


    I would like to find out where can i buy Benzoni’s books in UK?

    Many Thanks

    Webmaster : I have answered you in private!

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