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Here the fist critics of her lastest single novel (translated by Mistral from www.catherinedemontsalvy.ch website – Thank you so much) that can be read when you buy the book in a bookclub catalogue

Critics dans 02. Novels club_peste_1

For decades, the books of Juliette Benzoni, who deal about sagas, novels or documents, are crowned with success. Such popularity is readily explained, a few pages are enough for the author to plant a historic decor, strikingly truthful to move the reader, with the help of a truculent quill, a faraway past, suddenly so close to us.

She is sort of the heir of Alexander Dumas, which she proves once again with drawing the dazzling portrait of Laure Junot, Duchess of Abrantes, a renowned writer, whose writings leads us to major figures of the early nineteenth century (Napoleon Bonaparte, Count Metternich, Balzac …).

Juliette Benzoni also evokes the passions of Laura, the jealously she evoked, her intellectual acquaintances, her financial setbacks, not omitting any facet of the character. A captivating lecture, which pays tribute to one of the beautiful women in the history of France.



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La petite peste et le chat botté

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Summer 1807: What is the carriage of General Junot doing in the middle of the night in the courtyard of the Elysée  Palaceand, and who is this young and beautiful woman on the point of losing patience inside? Bound since childhood to the Bonaparte family, Laure Martin Permon, of Corsican and Greek origins, has not yet decided if she loves or hates the General apprentice with his thin legs in his too vast boots whose truly fabulous destiny made of him Emperor Napoleon the first. At sixteen, she married for requited love, General Alexander Andoche Junot, a wonderful gifted man with exceptional bravery. Now Junot dedicates his emperor a devotion and admiration near idolatry. Governor of Paris, showered with honors and wealth, and soon to be Duke of Abrantes, he would give away everything without hesitation to be nothing more than a small aide-de-camp (assistant-in-field) attached night and day to his personal god… Which prodigiously annoys his wife, maid of honor to Madam Mother, a function she does not often fulfil while she is a close friend of the charming and foolish Pauline, princess Borghese by marriage. Her relationships is not nearly as good with Caroline, the youngest of the Bonaparte sisters who became Grand Duchess of Berg then queen of Naples. The knives are even drawn between her and Laura when she discovers that her husband is Caroline’s lover, that she brags willingly about it and that she has undertaken to make her rival’s life miserable. Other worries: Since his last campaign, Napoleon seems to put gradually Junot away from his immediate entourage which put the unhappy man under torture. A frequent topic of conversation between the Emperor and the One who since the affair,”Puss in Boots”, he nicknamed “the little Pest”.


Orignal edition – Big letters edition – Club’s edition



russia.gif  From Russia : “Тайны Елисейского дворца”

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Dans l’ombre de Mayerling

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1875. The death in her soul, the young Louise of Belgium, 17-year-old, gets ready to leave for Vienna, after her wedding without love with Philippe of  Saxe-Cobourg. But her young and passionate heart will not bend over the yoke of the imperial Court, when dwells the silence of Habsbourg about  the circumstances of the mysterious death, in Mayerling, of the archduke Rodolphe and his mistress, the baroness Vetsera. Between Louise and Geza Mattachich, a beautiful Croatian officer, passion is born, violent and sudden, and does not delay bursting in daylight. The princess has to give up her status, her children and her fortune. On the roads of the exile, the lovers meet in the heart of an immense empire all the strengths of which are aimed against them. On this scandalous passion looks down the shadow of Mayerling…


NB : this was a book of around 60 pages that Juliette has written for a Supermarket, it was offered to the customers who bought several books)



It only exists on a paperback edition and the ebook version of it


 The Cursed Lovers : Louise of Belgium, princess of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha and Geza Mattachich

louisedebelgique.jpg  1939big.jpg

The husband, who will made her interned byt the Emperor – The emperor of Austria Franz-Joseph, husband of the famous Sissi – The King Léopold II of Belgium, who will disown his daughter – Rudof , son of the Emperor who died at Mayerling and his wife Stéphanie, sister and only support to Louise.  

fphsaxecoburg.jpg  pietznercarl18531927emperorfranzjosefica1885.jpg roibelge.jpg


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Une Reine de l’aventure

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This is a short novel of around 60 pages that Juliette Benzoni has written exclusively for a French “Club” named “Le grand Livre du Mois” for the publishing of her last bookseries at that time “Le Jeu de l’amour et de la mort”. Here the covers front and back of this book to discover the adventure of Lady Stanhope who has left her country to visit the Middle-East (a true character that Marianne met when she was at Constantinople).




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The book

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t.pnghat is the name of the civil wars between 1455 and 1489 which faced 2 clans :

roserougedeslancastre.gifThe l.pngancasters of the red rose

 and the y.pngorks of the white rose. roseblanchedesyork.gif

i.pngts origin : The controversial succession of King Edward III between his 4 sons: the prince of Wales, the older, the duke of Clarence followed by the duke of Lancaster and finally the duke of York, the younger.

t.pnghe story of “De deux Roses l’une”:

The couple made with :

Margaret of Anjou*************Henry VI

margueritedanjou.gif henrivi.gif

t.pnghe predecessors of Henri VI have taken advantage of successes of the wars against France but Charles VII is now taking back little by little the English possessions and Henry VI, from the Lancasters, has to fight the unsatisfied ones of the clan of York which claim to be from a more direct descendant for the throne of England. By his weakness, his wife Margaret of Anjou becomes the one who has to fight the Yorks.

s.pnghe lost many battles: she has to exile her favourite Sufflok who is later murdered. While finally she gives birth to the Prince of Wales, her good king falls into madness. During his crises of insanity, the Duke of York becomes the Lord Protector. And the civil war begins, in the battle of Saint-Albans, her new favourite the Earl of Somerset is killed. During the battle of Northampton, she runs away to Harlech in Wales. She kills the Duke of York during the battle of Wakefiels  with the help of the Scottish people. Still come then the second battle of Saint-Albans and finally the one of Towton where she is made prisoner and exiled to Dunbar. The son of the Duke of York becomes then the new King: Edward IV. The red rose gave up the place to the white rose!.

17 years later, she goes back in France but already prepares her revenge. With Pierre de Brézé, she fails in the battle of Exham. And her eternal enemy the earl of Warwick, disappointed by Edward IV,  will try in vain to restore Henry VI on the throne. But he fails and dies. The son of Margaret is murdered under her eyes, she is again a prisoner in the Tower of London where Henry VI is discreetly murdered . After 4 years, Louis XI pays her ransom and she comes back to France to live her last years, alone….

The book dans 02. Novels 33198803

h.pngere comes the genealogie the descent of Edward III from the 2 seperated roses to the reunion of the 2 families by the wedding of Henry VII, descendant of the Lancasters with Elizabeth, descendant of the Yorks. (click right “View Image” to see the map in large)

geneal12 dans 02. Novels

This is the beginning of the Tudors with the 2 roses gathered in one as the symbol of the new dynasty !rosedestudor.gif

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