Everything about Juliette Benzoni

her biography, her bibliography and so much more …



We are so sad to announce that our beloved author
Juliette passed away
the 7th of February 2016.
She was 95 and left us a stupendous bibliography of 86 books.
She will be missed so much.

Welcome oddelovagotika

y.pngou will see here articles about all the books of the great French auther of historical novels who has been translated in OVER NOW 22 different tongues … so to please all her foreign readers, I have done a site where you will read “Everything about Juliette Benzoni” : her books, a biography and so much more ….

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a.png French fan of her … who has some modest abilities in English and so wants to share all that with you, her foreign readers ! (So please forgive me if my translations from french are not perfect but still understandable, I guess  - no,  I am sure !)

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All texts, créations, photos and press articles are the exclusive property of Frédérique/JouJou from the official bibliography of Juliette Benzoni “bibliojuliettebenzoni” (shared most of the time with Linda/Mistral from the Catherine de Montsalvy fansite). It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to upload anything on any other site, blog and social networks WITHOUT MY PERMISSION .. You can contact me at Page Menu/Contact. Thanks;




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  1. Bernadette says:

    Hi Frédérique,

    Wow, such a lovely and in-depth website about Juliette Benzoni.

    You are doing a fantastic job!


  2. rosaleen says:

    Beautiful stuff u had with ur blog,i like juliette benzoni very much,keep updating. i am the one who follows u

  3. bernie mcgotti says:

    I know her writings, I have been a fan since my first time to read her work.but I still read hers

  4. Custom Written Essays says:

    I love how Juliette Benzoni construct her sentences and how she pick words on it. I’m a fun of juliette for how many years and I keep collecting almost all of her books and this my past time. Thanks for making this site I will be a follower from now on.

  5. tava tea says:


    This is a very informative and love everything about Juliette Benzoni’s writing and life.

    Great stuff

  6. Jessica Marchant says:

    Great Post with Excellent idea I appreciate you Keep it up!

  7. marietta plumbing says:

    Such a talented writer. Nice piece of historical novels

  8. Dewalt mitersaw says:

    I love historical romance and I love Juliette Benzoni’s writing as well judith mc naught and all the others

  9. dissertation writing says:

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