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Foreign Country

j.pnguliette b.pngenzoni has been translated in now over 22 differents tongues .You can find on this page the collection of her books made seperately for each of the 36 countries I already have. (Thanks Mistral to have found your own country as our lastest country found)

Here a Juliette Benzoni’s Quote in different languages – Thanks Hélène 

Foreign Country France-10ecussonjb.jpg Grande-bretagne-0ecussonjbeng.jpg Pays-3ecussonjbger.jpgEurope-19ecussonjbita.jpg Europe-7ecussonjbspa.jpgPays-67ecussonjbrus.jpg

t.pngo see all the covers I found about Juliette’s books ONLY in your native tongue, click on the Flag of your Country ! And don’t forget, if you have some covers that I don’t have yet, please send them to me so I could fill up my blog! Thanks 

austria.jpg brasilbutton.jpg bulgarialbutton.jpg

canadabutton.jpg chinabutton.jpg coratiabutton.jpg

czechbutton.jpg danmarkbutton.jpg finlandbutton.jpg

germanybutton.jpg greecebutton.jpg hungarybutton.jpg

icelandbutton.jpg iranbouton.jpg israelbutton.jpg

italybutton.jpg latvia.jpg lithuaniabutton.jpg

netherlandsbutton.jpg norwaybutton.jpg philippinesbutton.jpg

polandbutton.jpg portugalbutton.jpg russiabutton.jpg

serbia slovakiabutton.jpg sloveniabutton.jpg

southcoreabutton.jpg spainbutton.jpg swedenbutton.jpg

switzerlandbutton syriabutton.jpg turkeybutton.jpg

gbbutton.jpg ukraine usabutton.jpg


h.pngere the map with the 37 countries already found  :



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