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Questionnaire of Proust



b.pngy searching on the web near “Saint-Mandé”, city where Juliette lives, I found this. Good reading! emoticone






Translation by Mistral and me!

The favorite virtue :
The cult of Friendship

The favorite quality in a man :
the courage, the one of every day…

The favorite quality in a woman :

What do you appreciate the most in my friends :
That they are my friends

My main fault :

My favorite hobby :

My idea of happiness :
It has been a while since I have given up on that

My idea of a great misfortune :
It happened, I lost my son …

What would I like to be :
Resilient !

Where would I like to live :
Nowhere else than in France

Y favorite flower :

My favorite color :

My favorite bird :
I am afraid, I like them all …

My favorite prose authors :
From Alexandre Dumas to Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt though Agatha Christie !

My favorite poets :
Verlaine, Racine, Charles Dickens…etc

My favorite heros in fiction :
Cyranno de Bergerac…and  Hercule Poirot

My favorite heroines in fiction :
the ones of my novels and Bécassine !

My favorite composers :
Mozart, Chopin, Berlioz, Verdi…

My favorite painters :
Monet, Goya, Turner, Boldini

My heros in real life :
None left

My heroines in world history :
Jeanne d’Arc

My favorite names :
France, Aurore, Victoire and many more …

What do I hate the most :

What do I dislike about myself :
I’d rather not know….

My favorite food :
toasted bread, butter, sausage et roasted chicken !

Which historic characters do I despise the most :
the treacherous ones

Which military event do I admire the most :
desperate battles like the Tiberiade (in the XII th century)

What reform do I like best :
Women’s suffrage

What talent would I like to have :
Callas voice

How do I want to die :

What is my present state of mind :
I’m tired !

Which faults can I forgive :
Gormandizing and pious lies

My Motto:
Do right and have well !

A great wine :
Romanée-Conti !

If I was a politica who would I be :
but that is the whole point, I am not !

Have I notice the apocryphal question ?
No, should I ?   

(Source  :  http://jean-eroukhmanoff.over-blog.com)


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