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The Series


s.pngo, this page is the menu to access to the Series. CLick on the buttons to access to the synopsis and the covers of the books, when there are ones to the Foreword, critics, Tv serial of the books and finally to the journey of the heros/heroine.

S1_Catherine_1.1 The Series synopcoversforeigntvseries1slideshowpress2
S2_Marianne_1.1 synopcoversforeigntvseries1slideshowjourneypress2
Le Gerfaut
S3_Gerfaut_1.1 synopcoversforeigntvseries1slideshowjourneypress2
Les loups de Lauzargues
S4_Loups_1.1 synopcoversforeigncriticsjourney
La Florentine
S5_Florentine_1.1 synopcoversforeigncriticstvseries1journey
Les dames du Méditerranée-Express
S6_Mediterranée_Express_1.1 synopcoversforeigncritics
Les treize vents
S7_treize_vents_1.1 synopcoversforeigncritics
Le boiteux de varsovie (Aldo Morosini)
S8_Morosini_1.1 synopcoversforeignjourney
The adventures of Aldo Morosini
S8_Morosini_1.5 synopcoversforeigncritics
Secret d’Etat
S9_Secret_1.1 synopcoversforeigncriticsjourney
Le jeu de l’amour et de la mort
S10_Jeu_amour_mort_1.1 synopcoversforeign
S11_Chevaliers_1.1 synopcoversforeignjourney
S12.Marie_1.1 synopcoversforeigncritics
Le sang des Koenigsmark
S13.Sang_1.1 synopcoversforeign
Le temps des poisons
S14_Poison_1.1 synopcoversforeign
Le bal des poignards
S15_Bal_Poignards_1.1 synopcoversforeign
La guerre des duchesses
S16_duchesses_1.1 synopcovers



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